We have a passion for God,  people, our city, and our world.

Our culture and leadership is characterized by our love for God and our genuine call to ministry. 

These qualities and our energy;  are always pressing forward in our call

to love people, love God and to serve the world.

  • Dr. Kiley Callaway and Kerry Callaway

    LEad Pastor

    Pastor Kiley has been been in ministry since 1998.  In 2011 God called him and his wife to be the lead pastor at Northfield Church. Pastor Kiley holds a masters in theology and a doctorate in Christian counseling. His powerful preaching, passion for the Word, and counseling experience has helped Northfield Church grow into the thriving community of believers we are today. Kerry Callaway oversees the Overflow Women's Ministry which is designed to create a place for the women of the community to worship God, dig into the Word and build friendships.  He and his wife, Kerry, have three children: Kathryn, Kayden, and Keyan. They currently live in Gering, NE. 

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  • Pastor Kevin Fox and Kate Fox

    Network Pastor (Chadron, NE)

    Kevin has been serving Northfield Church - Chadron since October 2020 as the Network Pastor.  Kevin has a heart to see people's lives transformed by an authentic relationship with Jesus. He and his wife, Kate, love to encourage Christ-followers to know: God's Word, the power of the Holy Spirit, and how God has uniquely given them gifts, talents, and skills to glorify God Himself.  Kevin and Kate relocated to Chadron, NE in the Fall of 2020 with their two children, Ethan and Elizabeth.  

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  • Melissa Mckean

    Worship Director

    Melissa has been serving at Northfield since 2011.  Melissa has a passion to help lead people to have a closer relationship with God through a heart of worship. 

    Melissa and her husband Jon have three children Ethan, David and Josiah.

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  • mike onstott

    sound & media director

    Michael has been serving Northfield since 2008. Michael loves the opportunity to serve the church by working behind the scenes, utilizing the most current technology available to provide NFC the widest reach possible. Michael lives in Gering, NE, with his wife Jen. Together they have 3 children and two grandchildren.

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  • Mason West

    Youth Director

    Mason has been serving Northfield since 2018. 

    Mason loves serving the youth and helping them navigate through their teen years while developing strong Biblical core values. Mason and his wife Lesley reside in Gering, NE with their three children Audriyana, Taya, Maverick.

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  • Angela Bustinza

    Elementary Director

    Angela has been a part of Northfield Church since 2019.  She believes in building a safe caring relationship with each child by showing the love of Christ.  Angela is married to Albert.  They currently live in Gering, NE. 

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  • Susie Hernandez

    Nursery and PReschool director

    Susie has been a part of Northfield Church a long time.

    She and her husband Rich have raised six children of their own, Greg, Bianca, Naomi, Sarah, Nathan and Luke.   Susie and Rich reside in Gering, NE.

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  • Joyce Clause

    Office manager

    As well as being office manager, Joyce is also our bookkeeper. Joyce is a veteran of Northfield Church and has been a faithful church partner and servant. Joyce and her husband Mark, reside in Gering, NE. 

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Pastoral Counseling

Our goals in Pastoral Counseling are to guide and help individuals discover Christ-centered answers to a wide range of personal, relational, financial or other challenges. We have trained counselors and pastors who facilitate a service for individuals seeking guidance for a variety of issues including marital and family relationships, communication and intimacy, parenting, grief and loss, anger and bitterness, inner personal struggles, and spiritual discouragement. Our staff has extensive training, ongoing supervision, and continuing education. 

If you are someone who could benefit from counseling, you're not alone! We have people from our congregation who have (and still) meet with our counselors monthly and weekly. If you would like to schedule an appointment or just have some questions answered, please reach out.