Missions and our global 4

Missions and our global 4

We are passionate about showing you and others, Jesus. Whether it is in our own neighborhood or across the globe, we can tangibly express God's love through our outreach projects and mission trips. Join us as we extend our mission beyond our walls and share the love of Jesus in our local and global community.

Local Missions

Our church desires to invest in local ministries and organizations that help fill the gap for people in need in our community. Our approach is to create opportunities for our church body to serve and share the love of Jesus.

Global 4

Did you know that 870 million people will not have enough food to eat for the day? How about this...an estimated 27 million people will wake up in slavery today. Have you heard this? 3.4 million will die this year due to lack of clean accessible water. And this next fact is staggering: 80% of the world's population will live off of less than $10 today! 

This is where we come in. The problems seem enormous, but we believe the solution could be even bigger! Our passion is to do all that we can to make sure that no one goes to bed hungry, people are freed, everyone has access to life giving water, and all have the ability to provide for their family. Together we can begin to tackle these issues and make our world a better place. Would you consider partnering with us as we do all we can to change our world? You could be the difference between life and death!

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